All dogs go to heaven

Shooting pets represents the desire, powered by the technical skills of the photography, of capturing one moment to remember. The “cliché” of amateur photography to take pictures of dogs, cats, hamsters, etc could be a desire of crystallizing the experience of living with pets, as a expropriation, where the portrayed stands between midway a loved one and a personal object.
I decontextualized these family albums from domestic sphere, and the shares experiences with these pets to place them in another circuit: Public space.
I call by email and forward it to invite people to send me pictures of their pets. In every mail received is attached some story, memories or funny comments that invites me to share and get involved with this pictures and the background between these animals and his owners. I set up an archive with the aim of domesticate the memory. Everything is flowing in a serial organization of this pictures  that turns into the best resource to categorize, select, administrate and domesticate the intention of immortalize, in a photographical epitaph those beloved pets. 

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